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Our company is founded based on the expertise we have to offer in the area of health and nutrition. PriDe offers services to private, public, and charter schools as well as residential child care institutions participating in federal feeding programs. PriDe provides clinical nutrition services to acute care and long-term care facilities as well as those requiring home-based care. We can provide registered and licensed dietitians to support healthcare when qualified staff are needed to provide nutrition counseling. PriDe is available to serve business and industry in a variety of capacities. Our staff is committed to the success of business and industry through streamlined marketing and management strategies as well as employee productivity.

spacer PriDe Performance Consulting, LLC, is a Texas limited liability company founded in July 2002 to offer support in the area of foodservice and nutrition to school, healthcare, and business/industry clients. PriDe is registered as a foreign limited liability company in several other states across the United States.

Our business was the ambition of Priscilla Riedel-Cohan and Denese Dobbs—the company’s founders. The company name, PriDe, comes from “Pri” for Priscilla and “De” for Denese. It is a reflection of the quality of service PriDe seeks to offer each and every one of its clients.